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Passenger Cars Price Catalogue


Passenger Cars Price Catalogue contains complex information regarding all the new passenger cars currently sold on the Romanian market, both for domestic and imported brands – prices (with and without VAT), technical specifications, equipments included in the price, optional equipment.

The Passenger Cars Price Catalogue includes information for over 4500 car models and variants.

The Passenger Cars Price Catalogue is published quarterly and it may be acquired as follows:

annual subscription (4 issues)300 EUR
retail acquisition per issue100 EUR

Prices do not include VAT and are paid in local currency (RON) at the National Bank of Romania official exchange rate from the day of the payment. For VAT registered companies within the EU, the price is VAT exempt.

For further information please contact us.

Price list for new motor vehicles – selection

Next we are presenting the prices for some of the models in the market (selection from issue number III / 2014 of the Catalogue).

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The prices of selected models were valid at the date the Catalogue was published (20th June 2012) and they are catalogue prices.

It is possible that modifications may have occurred.
For precise and up-to-date information please contact directly the dealers.