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Spare Parts and Accessories


Address: B-dul. Theodor Pallady, no. 30D, 3rd. District, Bucharest
Phone: 021-345.57.14
Fax: 021-345.60.24
Email: info@standox.ro
Website: www.standox.ro
Category: Manufacturer, Importer, Distributor, Service provider
Brands: Standox, Nova Verta, Sata, 3M, Rupes, Cav
Products: Automotive corrective paints, clear coats, fillers, primers, painting equipment and accesories, polishers, infrared dryers, vacuum system


Address: Str. Dr. Nicolae Manolescu, no. 10, 5th. District, Bucharest
Phone: 021-4109558
Fax: 021-4116347
Email: office@falcon.ro
Website: www.directed.ro
Category: Importer, Distributor
Brands: Viper, Siemens, Sony, Hornet, Whisler, K9, Kicker, Mbquart
Products: Security systems, passenger cars multimedia systems, radar detectors, xenon headlight kits


Address: Str. Tipografilor, no. 11-15, S-Park Building, A2 wing, 1st. District, Bucharest
Phone: 021-209.17.00
Fax: 021-209.17.50
Website: www.goodyear.ro
Category: Importer
Brands: Goodyear, Dunlop, Fulda, Sava, Debica
Products: Tires


Address: Str. Mihai Bravu No. 235, Ploiesti, Prahova
Phone: 0244 504 802
Fax: 0244 504 801
Website: www.lukoil-lubricants.com
Category: manufacturer, Distributor
Brands: LUKOIL
Products: Motor oils