APIA – member of OICA

OICA partnership

On July 1st, 1996, APIA became the 20th full right member of the world`s most important automotive forum, the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers – OICA after an 18-month period of observing membership.

The OICA’s General Assembly Meeting in autumn 1997 was held in Bucharest, and was hosted by APIA. On this occasion, some of the most prominent personalities of today’s motor vehicle world attended the event in Bucharest. In May 1998, following the elections for the new board of directors of OICA, held on the occasion of the General Assembly Meeting in Paris, Mr. Paul Schiaucu – at the time president of APIA, was elected Vice-President of OICA, a very important position he held until 2002.

Upon its accession to OICA, APIA was granted the statute of license holder to organize the Bucharest International Motor Show which allows it to put Bucharest on the official OICA international motor shows calendar.

As most major motor shows in the world, the Bucharest Motor Show has its position in the calendar every two years. The first international edition of the Bucharest Motor Show took place between October 3rd and 12th 1997. From 2009 on, due to the global economic turmoil, the Bucharest International Motor Show was successively rescheduled, until march 2018, when SIAB was successfully organized after 11 years of break.