SIAB 2007

SIAB 2007 - General information

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200 car brands and subassemblies, of which 35 car brands and 100 models premiered on the local market, announces the 2007 Bucharest International Motor Show (SIAB).

The 2007 edition, organized between October 5-14, took place in a new space, namely Metro Otopeni. The exhibition area was 50,000 square meters, increasing by 25-30% compared to the previous edition, in 2005.

SIAB organizers have made more than 2,500 parking spaces available to visitors, three times more than in the previous edition. The parking lot was arranged on the green space between DN 1 and the current parking lot, a space of 800 places for visitors.

In addition, behind the building was arranged a parking lot of 1,800 places for exhibitors .

SIAB - AMC APIA Expo Organizer

The event is organized by AMC APIA Expo, a company formed by APIA and AMC Promotion.

AMC Promotion is the organizer of the Paris Motor Show, the oldest and largest event of its kind.

More information about the Paris Motor Show and AMC Promotion can be found at .

AMC Promotion is the only organizer of an international car show that has developed its activities internationally - Buenos Aires car shows, Cairo.

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